Friday, December 28, 2007

Behind These Doors...

Is where all the creativity happens. I don't have the luxury of devoting a room entirely to my crafts, so I stole this idea from HGTV. Instead of having an office in a closet, I have a "sewing room" in a closet. This is what it looks like...
This took about a weekend and cost around $200 (give or take $50). The shelving varies in length and price and can be purchased at any Home Depot. Everything else came from IKEA, one of my favorite places in the world! The desk was only $34! What a bargain! I love it so much, I bought three for various rooms in my home.

Here is another angle of my "sewing room."

The white boxes on the shelf are also from IKEA. They hold many of my notions and some of my special scrapbooking supplies. The large pink boxes house gift wrapping supplies and my bulky fabric stash. The smaller pink boxes hold paper and current projects. Interfacing, printed fabric and fabric scraps are kept in the gray boxes. This shelf is also the home of my acrylic paints, decorating magazines and my tiny serger (which I never use).

I placed a lazy susan on the second shelf to hold glue, markers, colored pencils, extra dressmaker pens, push pins, etc. It really comes in handy!

You can see a great storage find I discovered in the automotive section at Walmart in this photo. It is intended to hold screws and nuts but I used it to store various items including my glue gun, fray check, snaps, needles, etc. I really love it!

Now, let's move over to the other side of the room. Keep in mind this room has to double as a guest room, so I couldn't remove bed.

This is the guest bed, the headboard my made by yours truly. The dresser was also purchased at IKEA and stores patterns and fabric.

Here is a closer look.

The patterns are categorize by garment type, i.e. shirts, coats, pants, etc.

The second drawer is where I store fabric for current projects on my list. The other dresser drawer is always empty, ready for guest to arrive.

On the other wall, I keep my cutting mat behind the folding cutting table.

This is what it looks like unfolded.

Well, that's my "sewing room." I think it came out just like I planned. However, I am always planning, chances are I'll change it again as my needs change.

One last picture, this is one of my favorite tools.

It's a label maker and I use it anywhere, including the sewing room. I am a little bit of a neat freak. I confess.



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sam7992 said...

Hi, I love your sewing room its so beautiful and a brilliant use of space.That guest room is a really great mix of colours, really bright and airy.Eithne