Friday, June 20, 2008

I know its been a while...

since I posted. What can I say? Life has thrown me some kind of curve ball. Things in my life have changed drastically. I had to take some time to focus on my family. However, I have readjusted and I'm ready to return to my first love...sewing. This year I have decided not to spend any money on summer clothing. Because school's out (yeah!, I am just as happy as the kids), I have loads of time and I'm planning on making a few basic items. The list consists of the following:

1. Maxi dress

2. Wrap jersey dress

3. Mini dress with pockets

4. Cropped metallic jacket

5. Denim dress (not sure about the style)

I also plan to sew a mini wardrobe for baby girl, which consists of two or three sundresses, a denim skirt, a knit jacket and cargo pant ensemble. In addition to this, there are a few purses I wanted to create. Hopefully, there will be time left in the summer for this coat that was supposed to be sewn last fall. This should keep me busy!

I will post pictures soon, In the meanwhile watch this...I just LOVE them!